Della Gregg M.S.

Della Gregg M.S.

Della, a dedicated Mental Health Counseling Licensure candidate, brings a robust background in clinical research and evidence-based approaches to our practice. Her expertise extends across the lifespan, making her adept at working with individuals of all ages. Clients can anticipate an environment that is not only professional but also warm and inviting when working with Della.

Recognizing the profound impact of individual differences and family/cultural factors, Della approaches each client as a unique individual. Her commitment to personalized care is reflected in the integration of diverse therapeutic approaches and modalities. This tailored approach ensures that clients receive support aligned with their specific needs and aspirations, fostering a collaborative journey towards holistic well-being.


Our experience and training include approaches based in:

  • Behavioral Interventions and Play Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Mindfulness
  • Solution-Focused
  • Family Systems

These approaches provide clients with an opportunity to learn about the role that unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors play in their life and how they can create change and find solutions for a better future. These approaches aim to create self-awareness, challenge ways of thinking, and help people feel better by building healthy skills and practices they can access for life.

Work With Adults

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Della has extensive experience working with adults in individual settings, addressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, parenting challenges, and in the context of family dynamics. Her approach to adult therapy centers on skill-building in the present, strategic planning for a future aligned with their ideal self, and providing a supportive space for processing past experiences.

In her work with adults, Della integrates evidence-based techniques, specifically drawing from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. This synergistic approach empowers adults to attain inner peace, cultivate presence, nurture self-love, and foster meaningful, fulfilling relationships. Through a professional and compassionate lens, Della guides individuals towards achieving their mental health goals and unlocking their full potential.

Working With Children and Families

Della possesses a wealth of clinical research experience, predominantly focused on early childhood and addressing challenges related to ADHD, ODD, and ASD in young children. With nearly a decade of experience, she has actively engaged with young children and their parents, employing evidence-based methodologies such as parent-child interaction therapy, behavior modification protocols, and behavioral parenting training.

Specializing in the cultivation of self-regulation skills for both children and parents, Della is dedicated to enhancing emotional management and fostering positive relationship dynamics. Her expertise extends to addressing a spectrum of issues, including self-regulation, anxiety, social skills, and mindfulness within individual, family, and group settings.

Throughout her career, Della has honed her skills in various environments, spanning clinics, classrooms, homes, and natural settings, working with diverse age groups. Her primary focus involves working with parent-child dyads, implementing parent-child interaction therapy to nurture positive relationships marked by mutual respect and effective communication. Della's comprehensive approach extends beyond individual therapy sessions to include all family members, fostering a collaborative environment. Her overarching goal is to establish cohesive family dynamics, empowering each member to contribute meaningfully and feel supported in their personal growth. Della also assists parents in creating structured, conscious discipline environments at home, emphasizing effective limit-setting within a safe and connected family space.

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