In-Home Services

In addition to traditional office-based services, South Florida Counseling and Assessment gladly offers In-home, also referred to as “home-based,” family therapy services. In-home therapy may incorporate individual, family, and parenting focused interventions at various times throughout the therapeutic process. For example, this may include working with your child to develop healthier responses to being told “no,” psychoeducational parenting meetings with one or both parents that consist of providing parenting strategies, then family sessions where the therapist may model or coach parents during interactions with their child.

Why Home-Based?

Home-based therapy offers convenience for you, and provides the therapist with a comprehensive understanding of your family system and it’s patterns. It allows the therapist to connect with your family on a deeper level and see how patterns play out. Having a more vivid picture of your family's dynamics ensures your therapist has a more solid grasp on your family's patterns and offers more attainable solutions.