Parenting and Coparenting

“Parenthood is easy!”- said no parent ever

We want to empower you to connect back with the times that you did feel like parenting was enjoyable. You are the expert regarding your child and family. Throughout our work together we will be looking to partner with you to better understand what you see is working and what is not. Your feedback will help us tailor research-based parenting techniques and strategies for success. At times, resources, workshops and additional supports outside of the parental coaching sessions can be provided to give you all the tools you need.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Every parent can use a little help sometimes. Raising kids while balancing your own adult life can be challenging. Being a parent may even feel overwhelming, impossible, or just plain joyless at times, especially when you lack a supportive community. Our goal is to become part of your village, support your family, provide recommendations and resources tailored to your family’s needs and bring enjoyment and peace back to the wild ride that is parenthood.

Parent Coaching and Modeling

An integral part of our treatment approach to working with children is parent education and training. We offer parent training to deal with a myriad of childhood issues. Parent training includes providing child developmental information and research-based parenting strategies and instruction, conjoint sessions with a parent and child, and multi-parent groups to assist parents with similar parenting issues. We work with parents of younger children on establishing behavioral modification programs, responding to tantrums, overcoming homework battles and appropriate use of discipline and rewards. we help parents of teens cope with their teen's mood swings, hostility, drug and alcohol use, lack of motivation and/or depression.

Parent coaching begins with an individual meeting focused on gathering essential information about areas of concern, as well as effective and ineffective parenting strategies previously attempted. By collectively building a comprehensive understanding of the family challenges, we provide you with a detailed plan of action. We also discuss expectations regarding how and when change might occur based on recommendations. As parents implement new techniques, we continue to closely monitor and track progress together, building on what we have learned, we continue to provide additional information and resources, empowering you to continue to integrate effective tools and evidence-based interventions.

An effective and integral part of Parent Coaching includes Practice and/or Modeling sessions with parents and children. During Practice sessions, activities are created to allow parents to practice parenting strategies, with my support and immediate feedback. This allows us to observe child responses and adjust our strategies to be more effective. Modeling sessions are an opportunity for parents to observe us while utilizing the strategies we discussed.


Divorce is incredibly stressful on the whole family and, at times, it’s difficult to co-parent while grieving the marriage, and learning how to communicate as co-parents with different parenting styles. Both parents should share the rights and responsibilities of parenting, while respecting boundaries. That’s a tall order! Co-Parenting Counseling helps you understand how your conflict and separation are affecting your children, learn to minimize your children's burdens, as well as, reduce your own stress and life disruption.

Parent Workshops

South Florida Counseling and Assessment proudly offers parent workshops throughout the year. Topics range from the most common parenting issues, such as addressing tantrum behaviors, to talking to your child about a death or divorce. Workshops are generally created and scheduled as parents express interest. Depending on the topic of discussion, workshops range in duration from one to two hours and are offered at the Las Olas office.

All workshops include time for Q & A as well as opportunities for local parents to connect with one another around common challenges. We welcome parents to participate in open discussions, which are part of every workshop, in which participants are invited to share experiences, techniques and advice. Parent workshops can be a helpful supplement to the Parental Coaching Program.