ADHD Testing


More information from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Research the Laws in your area regarding IEP for children identified to have ADHD

Many young students, as well as college and graduate-level students, experience difficulties focusing, sustaining attention, and feel overwhelmed by the demands of school and/or work. When people feel chronically disorganized, easily sidetracked, mentally scattered, slow to get started on tasks, and procrastinate to the point that life becomes filled with anxiety, it may be time for an evaluation.

Frequently, individuals may be undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed or "labeled" by physicians and mental health professionals who do not conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes psychological testing of ability level, achievement, and emotional functioning. At South Florida Counseling and Assessment we conduct thorough evaluations that include neuropsychological tests of attention, memory, and executive functioning (i.e., the ability to organize, sequence, plan and act) that provide additional valuable information about problems of attention and impulsivity.

There are many reasons why an individual might experience problems with attention, and a proper evaluation will provide you with specific information about your diagnosis. We assess people who are interested in gaining comprehensive answers about their condition. In some cases, results from our evaluations can serve as the basis for providing accommodations (e.g., extended time, distraction-free rooms, etc.) for standardized testing. In all cases, all of our written reports are tailored with recommendations that are specific to the client’s needs. Recommendations are clear, meaningful and are geared towards helping you to understand areas in need of improvement while helping you to maximize your abilities based on your strengths.