Reason for Referral


Why Psychological Assessment May be Needed?

It sounds so serious; “Psychological Testing, Assessment or Evaluation”, but it really isn’t and there’s nothing to fear. In many ways, psychological testing and assessment are similar to medical tests. If a patient has physical symptoms, a primary care provider may order X-rays or blood tests to understand what's causing those symptoms. The results of the tests will help inform and develop a plan for treatment. Psychological evaluations serve the same purpose. Psychologists use tests and other assessment tools to measure and observe a client's behavior, thoughts and emotions to arrive at a diagnosis, qualify for needed services, and guide treatment.


  • Diagnostic Information and Differentiation
  • Medication Intervention (e.g., ADHD, Bipolar, Depression)
  • Classroom Accommodations (e.g., Learning Disability or ADHD)
  • Psychoeducational
  • Classroom Accommodations (e.g., FCAT, SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, Bar Exam)
  • Identification of Learning Style (e.g., cognitive strengths and weaknesses for both children and adults.)
  • Personality
  • The development of Insight related to Personality Characteristics that may be contributing to current distress in social, occupational and/or emotional functioning.
  • Gifted Evaluation for Program Placement
  • Understanding and Treatment Recommendations
  • Behavior Management and Parenting Strategies
  • Related to Behavioral Difficulties, Level of Depression, Risk of Self-Harm or Harm to others
  • Medical Information to Aid in Recovery (e.g., Bariatric Surgical procedures)
  • Autism / PDD