Research supports that grateful people are more attentive, determined, energetic, enthusiastic, helpful, joyful and optimistic, when compared to those who are not. Gratefulness is also strongly related to what psychologists call a “sense of coherence,†which refers to your belief that life is manageable, meaningful, and understandable.

The reason that gratitude has such a powerful and lasting effect on your well-being is that it contributes to your ability to reframe difficult experiences in a positive way. Gratitude is also a strength greatly associated with life satisfaction.

Here are some ways to develop your attitude of gratitude:

  1. Challenge yourself to find three things every day that you’re grateful for. They don’t have to be big things! You can be thankful for that cup of coffee, opportunities, family, health, a beautiful view, a good hair day, or a good laugh, to name a few.
  1. Write a thank you card. The card can be to God, the universe, life, luck or whatever you believe in!
  1. Find one thing with each of your 5 senses to be grateful for (i.e., something you see, smell, taste, feel, hear). Keep a journal and start a list, you may be surprised about the many good things in your life that have been there all along.

A napkin that says gratitude changes everything


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A napkin that says gratitude changes everything


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Dr. Richard Taborga Psy.D., LMHC

Dr. Richard Taborga Psy.D., LMHC