Managing Stress

Life can be a roller coaster at times. As we experience changes, it's important to remember to take care of our mental health. This can be especially true when dealing with a major life change, such as divorce, financial difficulties, parenting, or occupational changes, to name a few. These major life changes can be overwhelming and stressful. However, there are ways you can manage your mental well-being during this time. 

Here are some quick Stress Management Tips

  1. Take a deep breath and focus on the present moment. 
  1. Exercise regularly - even a short walk can help clear your head and reduce stress.
  1. Make sure to get plenty of restful sleep - it helps restore your energy levels and keeps you healthy.
  1. Talk it out with someone you trust - discussing your feelings can help you gain clarity and perspective.
  1. Set achievable goals for yourself - this gives you something to work towards and makes progress easier to track. 

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, additional help is needed. Talking with a counselor is one way to help reduce anxiety and stress, as they can provide support and guidance to learn how to reduce your stress and live a more balanced life. From career changes-to-personal growth and transformation, counseling will help you cope with change, as well as set and achieve realistic goals. With the right guidance and support, you can confidently take back control of your mind and body. Effective stress management strategies, increased mindfulness, and better decisions can help you create a happier and healthier future for yourself. 

A woman with her hands behind her head.


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Katherine Moncrief M.S.

Katherine Moncrief M.S.