Positive Self Talk

The 2 Parts of Me

There is an inner dialogue always happening inside each of us, but we’re not often aware of this inner dialogue until we really listen and/or give it a voice. These pesky messages influence our feelings, behaviors, and needs in the split of a second!

Though there are many parts to each of us, focus on 2 apposing parts and give them the floor.

To name a few, the 2 parts may include:

Insecure vs. Confident

Scared vs. Brave

Optimistic vs. Pessimistic

Often one part is louder than the other and the quieter part requires a little more effort to exert itself.

What do the two parts of you say to you sometimes?

Here’s an example of the Insecure Part of me vs. the Secure part.

My Insecurity may predict the worst possible outcomes, assure me of failure, remind me of past failures, urge me to quit, and minimize and/or give others more credit for my accomplishments.

What does your insecurity say to you?

My Confidence will argue that failures have been minimal, that I always bounce back, remind me of incredible successes, highlight the huge role my effort has played in those successes, say to me “you got this”, and yell “show them what you can do!!!”

What does your confidence say to you?

Practice becoming aware of your inner dialogue and to control the messages that you tell yourself! Speak both parts of yourself aloud! 

The parts of you that you choose to listen to is within your power!

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Dr. Richard Taborga Psy.D., LMHC

Dr. Richard Taborga Psy.D., LMHC